You don't understand why you have skin problems, your complexion is dull, why you have drawn features, skin that curls, and why you still have acne at your age!? I think we've ALL been through it... Who doesn't get tired of looking at themselves with a depressed look every morning thinking: "it's my nature, my skin is like that, I have to deal with it... No choice, I've tried everything, nothing works"? 

   I say NO, I want to see in the mirror a skin that breathes freshness, don't you !? Come on, don't give up! Before looking everywhere for miracle recipes or resigning yourself, first check that you don't make the mistakes that do not forgive ...  I list here these 12 fatal mistakes for your skin that will allow you to see if you take care of the beauty of your skin:

   You don't remove your makeup every night before going to bed...

   You do not moisturize your skin every morning and every night before going to bed. This is essential, even for oily skin!

   You wash up with a washcloth. And the same one for several days! You have to forget that good old glove...

   You don't regularly clean your make-up brushes (many people don't know this: the foundation brush, for example, should, in theory, be washed every day).

   You smoke

   You regularly eat a lot of sugar and fat.

   You party several times a week: short nights and well-drunk aperitifs!

   You expose yourself strongly to the sun and/or do UV regularly.

   You touch your face all day long and regularly fiddle with your little pimples and blackheads... The more you touch, the worse it gets.

   You don't wash your pillowcase regularly. Residues from your products (hair/face) accumulate on your pillowcase, greasing, and clogging the pores of your skin. The ideal would be to wash it every week (I'm not there yet...).

   You like to take a hot shower...(I love it...). Too bad, you'll have to use lukewarm water and ideally is to finish with a freshwater jet.

   You suffocate your skin every day under a thick layer of foundation. Let your skin breathe a little by limiting this practice or by reducing the dose and choose a non-comedogenic foundation.

  Applying a treatment to mistreated skin is like putting beautiful nail polish on dirty nails... It's by putting these bad habits behind us and adopting the right beauty gestures on a daily basis that we will have every chance of achieving beautiful, healthy, and radiant skin.

  It is up to us to choose the best for ourselves, so let's act today on the basis of these simple and effective keys, it will allow you to regain beautiful and healthy skin naturally.

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