Horror, woe and damnation! Your favorite blush has fallen off and is in crumbs under the lid.

  Don't panic, don't rush to buy it back as it is very easy to get it back. Given the price you pay for these little wonders, you might as well wear them out right to the end, right?

  The solution is quite simple. This trick will allow you to repair any pressed eye shadow, eye shadow, blush powder, tinted powder.

  You would need very little equipment and the good news is that you already have everything at hand: 1/ your eye shadow/shadow in crumbs 2/ 70% alcohol 90% alcohol 3/ a handkerchief / paper towel 4/ a coin 5/ a small spoon/spoon

  First of all, we end the carnage by reducing the remaining blush to powder. I usually do this by putting a handkerchief on it and pressing with the back of a very small spoon.

  Then I pour a few drops of 70 or 90% alcohol, and stir: the goal is to obtain a small smooth paste.

  Then, I put a tissue (or a paper towel, I like to take a fine handkerchief so that the result is smooth) and over it I put a coin.

   I press gently, remove the coin, the handkerchief and let it dry. The alcohol binds the powder particles and eventually evaporates. Hop you get a blush pressed like new:

   And important thing: you don't lose quality or pigmentation.

  A small precision concerning the size of the piece because as you know blushes or powders have absolutely not the same size. It is not necessary to find the exact size, even if it is what gives the most perfect result! You can also improvise: in this case you just walk a piece along the container to flatten it as much as possible. 

  If you have another method, feel free to share it as a comment. And tell me if you're as clumsy as I am, or is it just me who spends all my time breaking my shades?

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