Does the French manicure have anything to do with the French touch? Is it part of the French chic that is so envied around the world?


Historically the French manicure is not French at all.


   It was born in the United States in the 70s.  At that time, Hollywood producers and directors were looking to make up their actresses in a slightly dramatic way by accentuating natural features and to make up the nails in a way that would allow them to adapt to all styles. The idea was not to have to change nail polish with every change of look.


   In response to this expectation, it was Jeff Pink, a nail polish creator, who invented this method of giving shine to the natural look of the nail, thus allowing an unlimited association with different outfits.

   He, therefore, registered the name "French manicure" in reference to French elegance, its timeless and discreet character. But does the French woman like the French manicure that much?

   From my point of view, first of all, this technique was invented to push the natural aspect of the nail to the extreme, so as soon as there is an exaggeration of a characteristic, one is already more natural and discreet...

   Secondly, the development of X also contributed to breaking the vision of the glamorous nail imagined by Hollywood producers. Go figure, many porn actresses actually wear the French manicure very accentuated and as a result, it is now automatically associated with a certain vulgarity.

   So if you want pretty, elegant hands: prefer a plain nail polish or avoid a very wide white part of the nail and adopt a very thin nail, and make sure that the white is not too intense by ironing a layer of varnish over it.

   In short, if you like elegance and the French touch, you play it subtle! Cheating to embellish the natural is ok, but always with delicacy... to be successful.

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