Vanity line is a leading specialist in makeup organization, storage and transportation. We believe that beauty that reflects uniqueness must be based on a framework - beauty is organization! Our mission is to allow everyone to use cosmetics to their full potential and inspire with timeless vanity cases! 

          The personal care industry has experienced significant growth over the past decade, providing familiar and effective clinical technologies in the field of skincare. This improvement should also be made in the area of makeup organizers. You only get as much order as you bring into things, so one should rely on the best vanity cases to use properly and effectively cosmetics. Our ethos is that smart makeup storage should be open to everyone, from makeup-lovers who have amassed hundreds of bottles in their collection to a cosmetics newbie who is just exploring this exciting world.

          Vanity line was created to celebrate innovation in cosmetics organization in its practical form. Focused on advanced functional beauty, the brand is specialized in organizational devices, and our team have brought pioneering innovations in this field. This pragmatical approach focused on the very framework of makeup organization is rare. Through our longstanding contacts in the world of cosmetics we are aware of everything that is happening, and we are delighted to offer the latest innovations and technologies on the market. We source only the highest-quality products, from the best personal care industry suppliers to constitute an evolving collection of bags, mirrors and beauty organizers.

         Our mission is to educate to the best resources of the organization of cosmetics. Vanity line fights innovation stagnancy in the industry and indirectly contributes to better education of people on this matter. Indeed, we must admit it makes us glow with pride to create such a learning experience.

         Here at Vanity line, we believe that everyone deserves to look more beautiful than ever before, that’s why we offer effective and familiar technologies at honorable prices, with styles from minimalist to luxury for the ones who enjoy functionality with the look of class. Vanity line meets the needs of all women in a hurry for modern life, providing a collection that is practical but which remains above all professional.