Blower brush or heat brush?

  There are more and more appliances that dry or style hair. All of them ensure the most effective, fastest, and most hair-friendly appliance, whatever the hair type. It is therefore difficult to see clearly and make a decision at the time of purchase. Should I go for a blower brush or just a heated brush?

  I will try to give you the advantages of both types of brushes in this advice page. 

The heated brush: for blow-drying on dry hair

  You all have a hairdryer at home, it is a must. Today, thanks to improved technology, it allows you to dry your hair without damaging the hair fiber. Of course, it all depends on the material you use, but today's good hair dryers all propose to regulate the temperature of the airflow with a thermostat. If this is not the case for yours, it's time to change as this feature is so important, especially for those with fragile or already damaged hair...

  But the problem with the hairdryer is that it is less convenient in some cases! A heated brush will allow you to easily blow dry with one hand. This accessory has been a great success because it is simple to use and very effective.

  However, the heated brush has a big flaw that the blower brush does not have: it can only be used on perfectly dry hair. All you have to do is wrap your strands of hair around the brush and make a vertical movement to smooth and curl your hair.

  The heated brush costs less than the blower brush, but it can cause more damage to the hair. I personally recommend that you choose a blower brush. The blower brush is more efficient and is becoming more and more popular.

  The principle is simple, the blower brush combines the effects of a hairdryer and the advantages of the heated brush to ensure a perfect blow-dry. The blower brush can be used on damp hair (unlike the heated brush) and generally offers many accessories to create the hairstyle you want.

  You will be able to dry, smooth, create beautiful waves, and even perfect curls. Once again, be careful about which model you choose. I recommend that you read the page: which is the best blower brush? For more information.

  Personally, I always recommend a blower brush because the action of my blower brush is less damaging to the hair than the old hot brush I used when I first started. What about you?

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